Under what basis will Pramland be re-opening?

In line with the government guidelines we will be re-opening the store with a limited access policy, this is to ensure social distancing and cleaning can be maintained and to provide a safe working environment for our staff and safe shopping experience for our customers. To facilitate this we will be operating a strict appointment only system for new customers on the stated days and during the shown times. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will be allowed in to the store if you visit us without an appointment (unless you visit us on one of our Walk-In days) – PLEASE BOOK AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE YOU VISIT US to avoid disappointment. 

For customers wishing to collect goods in store we will continue with our Contactless Collection system that has been in place since the Lockdown.

For customers wishing to pay balances we request you do so over the telephone in order for us to limit the amount of visitors to the store.

Why are you offering a personal shopping appointment?

In order for us to ensure we limit the amount of visitors to the store an appointment system means we can keep everyone involved safe whilst ensuring the government’s guidelines are followed. We will try to maintain only one party in the store at any one time however during busier times we will allow up to 3 parties in the store. We are expecting Saturdays and Sundays to be busier and the likelihood of multiple parties being in the store at these times is high. If you are concerned about the presence of other parties we recommend booking an appointment during the week, we anticipate week days being less in demand. We will ensure parties are kept at opposite sides of the store from each other and we have designated multiple “demonstration areas” to ensure social distancing. Given the size and layout of our store we are able to maintain sufficient distance for all to be kept safe. Each ”demonstration area” has a supply of hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and gloves.

What is a personal shopping appointment?

A personal shopping appointment means that when you visit us at your allotted time you will be greeted (at distance) by one of our team and have access to the store and personal shopper. The door will remain shut and no other customers will be allowed in to the store whilst you are there, unless as stated above we have another party in the store during busy times. Our team will be limited to a maximum of three staff during your visit. Your personal shopper will chat with you and recommend products that they think you will like, full demonstrations will be provided and you will even get to try the items out for yourself. Should we have multiple parties in the store your personal shopper will bring items to a designated “demonstration area” to ensure social distancing is maintained. If you are happy to order during your visit you are free to do so, our team will gladly issue you with a price for your consideration at home should you prefer. Unfortunately we will not be able to issue a written quotation as we are limiting the paperwork issued to customers in the interest of minimising the risk of contamination.

Who are the appointments for?

Due to the limited availability of these appointments we are requesting that customers be mindful of other’s needs. We need to ensure customers requiring urgent assistance have access to appointments. We would recommend customers less than 12 weeks pregnant consider visiting our store once we re-open fully. Should the current social distancing measures persist you will be free to book an appointment at that time, but we must consider those that are 12 weeks and more as we need to ensure their goods arrive in time.

Customers seeking a new pushchair, blanket, pram toy or simply wishing to browse our range are being asked not to request an appointment and consider simply visiting us at a later stage once the store is fully re-opened, alternatively you could visit us during one of our walk in mornings.

When you request an appointment the booking form will ask you to specify which items you are looking for. We may contact you to rearrange your appointment in order for us to accommodate additional appointments.

Is it safe for me to visit your store?

We are taking every effort to ensure the Governments guidelines for social distancing and contact are followed. The store is cleaned daily, before any appointments are conducted and we have strict guidelines for customers and staff to follow during an appointment. Your safety, and the safety of our team is paramount to us and we are dedicated to ensuring that you are safer whilst with us than during a visit to any super market or other "essential business". We have a supply of latex gloves and hand sanitizer in store.

Must I wear a Face Mask?

In line with government guidelines it is a legal requirement for all members of the public visiting a shop to wear a face mask. We will NOT ALLOW ACCESS to the store without a face mask. It is not a legal requirement for members of our team to wear a face mask, we have however supplied them with appropriate masks and we are encouraging them to wear them. These face mask rules will come in to force from 24th July 2020.

What are the guidelines for the appointment?

  • We request that you limit the amount of people attending the appointment to no more than two people per party, unless requested prior to your visit. Acceptance of this request will be dependent upon parites in the store. 
  • We request that you do not bring young children with you as we need to ensure we can trace all contact with items in the store.
  • When you enter the store we request that you use the supplied hand sanitizer.
  • When you visit us we will give you some time to browse the store before we start your shopping appointment - we request that you do not touch any of the items, again this is to ensure we can trace all contact for later cleaning. During busier times when there may be more than one party in the store we request you are mindful of social distancing at all times. Please keep 2m apart from other parties and your personal shopper. We have placed large social distancing reminders around the store.
  • Once your appointment starts we will discuss your needs and demonstrate products you wish to see, or are appropriate to your needs. At all times our staff will keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from you. Your personal shopper will wear gloves and use hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Should you wish to try a product for yourself following a demonstration we will clean the item and step aside allowing you to "try it out". Once you've finished we will once again clean the item ready to be returned to the display.
  • Should you wish to touch any fabric surfaces we will request that you use hand sanitizer again or will issue a pair of gloves.
  • Once your appointment has ended we will clean the store in preparation for the next appointment.
  • Customers will have access to the toilet facilities during their visit and these will be cleaned after use by our team.
  • Regretfully we cannot accept cash in the store and we ask all customers make payments with card or contactless payment. Our card terminal will be clean before and after every use.

When can I make an appointment?

We are offering appointments Friday and Saturday 9:30 - 5:00, and Sunday 10am until 4pm.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment please visit our website or call the store on 01482 329514. Our web booking system is a live system and will only display appointments that are available.

Can I book an appointment to collect my goods?

To arrange collection of your in stock items please contact the store on 01482 329514, you will need your order / account number, this can be found on your receipt booklet. Please ensure that you bring your receipt / proof of purchase when you come to collect.

What if I don't want to make an appointment?

For customers not wanting to visit by appointment we are offering walk-in days Monday to Thursday (5pm). If you visit us for a walk in we may ask you to wait in your car until we can safely accommodate you in the store. We are requesting customers looking to purchase prams, travel systems and furniture to book appointments as these items requirement additional time etc and this will hamper our ability to help walk in customers. 

I have a balance outstanding, how do I pay this before I collect?

Please ensure all balances are paid before you visit to collect your items in order for us to maintain our contactless service. Please call the store on 01482 329514 and we can arrange your payment for you.

When will I be able to visit you normally?

Unfortunately this is impossible to say as we are reliant upon the governments guidelines. As soon as they inform all retailers that the rules on social distancing have been loosened or removed we will re-address our procedures.

What if I still have questions?

We appreciate you may still have questions and concerns. If you would like to speak with one our team please do not hesitate to call us and we will endeavour to answer your questions.