We know that having a new baby can be expensive, that is why we offer BabyPlan!

With BabyPlan you can spread the cost of your items meaning you don't have to compromise on your little ones comfort.

Order with a 10% Deposit!

Spread the cost and make buying everything for your new arrival easier.


Our pay what you want, when you want plan

BabyPlan is our go to payment option for parents wanting to stay in control of their payments. Buying with BabyPlan is easy: Choose your items Pay a 10% deposit Pay your balance however you choose - how much you want, when you want. Want to make a regular payment? Not a problem, simply call or visit the store and one of our team will take your payment and update your order to reflect the new balance. Just want to place a deposit and pay your balance in full later? Not a problem at all, once your goods are about to arrive in store we will contact you to arrange collection / delivery and take your remaining balance in one go. Got friends and family that want to contribute towards your purchases? Also not a problem for BabyPlan! Simply give them your BabyPlan Account Number and visit or call the store - our team will take care of everything else. We'll even automatically email the account holder a receipt so they have a record of the payment. Best of all it's available to ALL customers. As this is not a credit facility there's no interest or credit checks. When you order with BabyPlan our team will agree a date with you when you want your items to arrive in stock with us (we recommend this is 6 weeks ahead of your due date). Then 7 to 10 days before this date our team will contact you to confirm your items are ready to arrive in stock and arrange collection of any outstanding balance. See our terms and conditions for full details.