We understand what children need, after all we used to be children too.



Phil is co-owner with Julie. Phil became partner in 2000 when they purchased the business. Phil has two grandsons, Jacob & Finley. Favourite Food: Calzone Pizza Favourite Football Team: Pre Allam Hull City Amazing Fact: In the 80's Phil grew a moustache that made it look like his eyebrows had come down for a drink.



Julie is co-owner with Phil and grandma to twins Alfie and Ellie. Favourite TV Show: Line of Duty Favourite Biscuit: Custard Creams Amazing Fact: Julie's first car was a sporty little red Mini Clubman.

John "JB"


John is partner and our store manager. He has worked in the family business since 2006 and is a self confessed car seat geek. John is a dad to one son. Favourite food: Pizza Favourite Band: Metallica Amazing Fact: John has appeared in a number of local heavy metal bands and has even graced the main stage at Hull's Humber Street Sesh.


Team Leader

Mel joined our team in 2018 and became our Team Leader working alongside John in 2020. Mel is an experienced mum of 3 girls, Grace, Poppy & Elsie. Favourite TV Show: Friends (The one where Joey dates Rachel) Favourite Drink: Gin (a large one) Amazing Fact: Mel has abnormally stretchy cheeks.


Team Leader

Jo joined our team in 2010, mum of two, her not so small children were a lot younger when she joined. Favourite Food: Egg and chips Favourite TV Show: Neighbours Amazing Fact: Jo does not know more than one line in any song.


Customer Adviser

Joanne joined the Pramland team in 2019 but is a very experienced mum of 3. Favourite Food: Chicken curry & tiger bread. Favourite Movie: Ferris Buellers Day Off. Amazing Fact: Jo can touch the end of her nose with her tongue!


Customer Adviser

Nicci joined our team in 2020 and is an experienced mum of 3, Lola, Lottie and little Eddie. Favourite TV Show: Hollyoaks Favourite Holiday Destination: Mexico Amazing Fact: Nicci cannot park to save her life and it took 6 attempts to pass her driving test!


Customer Adviser

Zoe joined our team in 2021 but has worked in the nursery industry for many years and is a mom to two. Zoe is a self confessed Cheese-aholic and loves the Stereophonics. Amazing fact: Zoe is technically 8 as she was born on 29th February!


Customer Adviser

Kelly is our newest team member but is an experienced mum of 3. Kelly's favourite food is a good Chinese Takeaway and she loves settling down to watch a Harry Potter film. Kelly is fur mum to 3 dogs too, Bella, Misty and Eddie so she's got her hands full when she's not in the store.


Customer Adviser

John's son Jacob joined the Pramland team in 2023. His favourite food is his grandma's lasagne and he's a big Lord Of The Rings fan. Jacob's amazing fact is that he has a bum that looks like a coconut? and he has an IQ of 157!


We are recruiting

We are looking for a customer adviser - to apply email your CV to john@pramland.co.uk or visit indeed.co.uk