Hand picked for it's quality, our large, spacious showroom is home to the regions largest display of prams, strollers and nursery interiors.

With items to suit all budgets, and products from the worlds leading brands, Pramland is your one stop shop for everything you'll need for your new arrival.

Prams & Travel Systems

This is what we do better than anyone else - and that's a promise

When it comes to your new pram we want to ensure that Pramland is the only store you will ever need to visit. We have tailored our range of prams for over 70 years to guarantee we have the best selection in the region. Our spacious, modern showroom is home to some of the best known brands in the industry - many of which are even exclusive to us in the region. Our team have been trained to such a high degree we promise you the best demonstration of your little ones new wheels in the region. With multiple colours of many models you can see what you want before you make your choice. Plus as our showroom is so big you can take your potential pram for a good walk, just to see how it feels. Some of our most popular prams include Mamas & Papas Ocarro, Babystyle Oyster 3, Egg 2, Bugaboo Fox 5 and Venicci Upline and Edge.


Our range of strollers are perfect for your growing child

As your child is growing you may feel you want a smaller or lighter option for your little one, or you may just fancy a change. Our range of strollers features options from lots of brands and we have strollers for all budgets. Because we know your little ones comfort is important to you we make sure that all the strollers we stock have the features you'd expect: - All our strollers feature a recline. Perfect for afternoon snoozes or an evening meal on holiday. - You won't find a stroller without a canopy hood. When the suns out your little one will be shaded and away from harmful UV rays. - For those rainy days all our strollers come with raincovers. If they don't come as standard in the box we'll give you one for free anyway. Many of our strollers also allow for the use of a car seat for a convenient, light weight travel system. Some of our most popular stroller brands include Mamas & Papas, Cosatto, Ickle Bubba, Cybex, Out N About and Maxi-Cosi

Twins & Tandems

From a growing family to double trouble our range of twins and tandem has something for everyone

If your family is getting bigger or you're expecting twins picking the perfect pram can seem twice as hard. Luckily at Pramland we have years of experience dealing with families of all sizes, that's why we have tailored our multiple pram range to meet the needs of our parents to be. With a range that includes award winning side-by-side and tandem options to suit all budgets when you visit Pramland you won't be disappointed. Side-By-Side - For parents wanting the most versatile and comfortable option for their new born and toddler or twins, a side-by-side offers unparalleled levels of comfort for your little travellers. Often seen as wide and bulky side-by-sides are the option for parents that want to put development and comfort before convenience. Tandem - For parents that want the most convenient option a Tandem will provide the feel and usability of a single pram but with the added benefit of accommodating two. Size and convenience are the order of the day over comfort and development when it comes to tandems. We know it's hard to pick the perfect twin or tandem but never fear our team can help you pick the right option for you and your little ones. Some of our most popular multiple prams include Bugaboo Donkey 5, Cybex Gazelle S, Cosatto Wow XL, Egg 2 & Mountain Buggy Duet.

Car Seats

Our range of car seats has been hand picked to ensure maximum safety for your little one

Here at Pramland we are very proud to call ourselves the regions car seat specialists. Our car seat experts have been trained by all the leading brands and we working closely with Good Egg to ensure we give correct advice every time. We take safety so seriously we even have a Car Seat pledge. We will only sell you a car seat if you need it, we will only advise you to move your child in to a new seat if their current seat is either the wrong seat for them or is now unsafe due to damage or a change of car. In addition to this we will not sell you a car seat if our range does not have the safest option for you, your child or your car. Our spacious showroom is home to three demo seat rigs meaning we can fully demonstrate your new seat away from the rain and wind outside. Once you've decided on your new seat we can test it in your car for fit, help you fit it and remove it so you are familiar with using it. This means that you are not just stood watching someone else fit a seat with no idea how to take it out if you need to and more important refit it correctly. We guarantee to put safety before an easy sale! We will only ever recommend the safest seat to you, we will however tell you why that seat is our recommendation. If your vehicle features isofix fittings it is VERY unlikely that we will ever recommend a none iSize car seat. Pramlands car seat specialists are fully trained and approved fitters for Maxi-Cosi and Cybex.

Nursery Interiors

The perfect nursery is a welcoming sight at the end of a long day discovering the world

Our range of stunning nursery interiors features furniture and bedding that will allow you to create your ideal nursery for your little one. Our spacious showroom is home to nursery sets ready for you to imagine in your home. From traditional, sculpted sleigh beds to ultra modern pieces our range of nursery furniture has something for every budget and every room. Purchase a 3pc nursery set from ourselves and not only will you benefit from free delivery to your door but we'll give you your mattress too! It's not just about the furniture either. Our room settings are dressed in gorgeous bedding that compliment and inspire. We are proud to have Mamas & Papas as our exclusive brand for nursery bedding and when you see, and feel their sumptuous fabrics you'll know why we picked them. If we don't have the item on display, we can order it for you so why would you need to visit anywhere else?

And everything else

It's not just about the big things

One thing is for certain when it comes to having a baby, the list of things you need seems endless. At Pramland we can help you with the items you actually need. From cribs, Moses baskets, blankets, highchairs and in car accessories we promise to help you pick what you'll need, when you need it. If we don't have it simply let your adviser know and we'll do everything we can to get it for you.


With our Your Bundle - Your Way you get to pick any of our travel systems, choose any of our nursery interiors and we'll add the savings!

Gift Vouchers

Treat someone with Pramland Gift Vouchers

Family or friend pregnant? Give them the gift of a Pramland gift voucher and they can either pick up some of those last-minute must haves or put it towards the pram or furniture they've already ordered. Available in any amount you really can't go wrong with a gift voucher from the region's leading nursery store. Visit the store to purchase.