Pramland –Terms & Conditions

Collection of goods

It is our policy to refuse collection of any goods without the customer providing their original payment booklet or any other issued receipts.  If the customer  is unable  to  provide  this  payment  booklet  or  any  other  issued  receipts  at  the time  of  collection we  will  request identification  that matches  the name  and  address  provided  at  the  time  of ordering.  We  will  refuse  collection  until  either  adequate identification or issued receipts can be provided.

Forward ordering policy

When  an item is ordered  for  a future  date we will  order an item immediately  for a  delayed  delivery  from  the manufacturer. It is our standard practice that we request items be delivered to us within a 4/6 week period before the required date. As the supply of goods is not within our control we accept no liability for the manufacturer’s inability to complete an order on time. We will however endeavour to keep the customer informed to the best of our abilities on the status of any potential incomplete orders. Please note that items order using our BabyPlan payment scheme will only be brought in to stock once any outstanding balance has been paid in full (for full details see below).

Purchasing from us using BabyPlan

All  BabyPlan  orders  require  a  minimum  10%  deposit  of  the  total  order  value,  unless  otherwise  agreed.  This deposit  is  transferable provided the original ordered item has not been brought in to stock. Should the customer wish to transfer their order to another item/s and their originally ordered items have been taken in to stock we reserve the right to withhold the original 10% deposit (for the items the customer wishes to change). Should a customer wish to cancel an order we will withhold the entire 10% deposit for in stock items. For items cancelled and not yet taken in to stock we will withhold an administration fee equal to 10% of the original deposit for each item (equivalent to 1% of the item value). Should you wish to collect some of your order we will request a balance be paid up to and including the value of the goods being removed plus a 10% on items still to be removed, this ensure we retain a 10% deposit for items yet to arrive in stock.

After the initial deposit has been placed you are free to make addition payments at anytime. We will however request all balances are paid before your items arrive in store. When you order our team will agree a required in stock date with you (we will recommend this be approximately 6 weeks before your due date). 7 to 10 days before this date our team will contact you to confirm your items are ready to arrive in stock, at this time we will request any outstanding balance is paid within 24 hours of us contacting you. If payment is received in this time frame your items will be allocated and brought in to stock as agreed. Should you fail to pay your balance within this time frame we will de-allocate your items with the manufacturer. Your items will remain on order with them but we cannot guarantee their availability after their initial allocation. Should you choose that you are not ready for your items at the point your items are ready to be brought in to stock you can request a new in stock date. We will gladly change this with the manufacturer but again we cannot guarantee the availability of your items at this point.

As stated above Pramland will not accept any liability for items not available after a customer failed to make a balance payment upon request, likewise we cannot accept liability should a customer re-date their required delivery date. We will however make every attempt to complete these orders as swiftly as possible given stock availability or offer an acceptable alternative.

Once your items have arrived in stock we will contact you to inform you of this. At this point you can arrange collection of delivery of your items as below.

Direct to Home Furniture Delivery

For customers placing orders for furniture that is to be delivered direct to their home on a pre-arranged date we will call you approximately 10 days before your agreed delivery date. We will confirm the delivery date and take your remaining balance. If we are unable to take this balance your delivery will be delayed as per customers ordering via BabyPlan above.

The day before your delivery you will receive a confirmation email from the courier. The morning of your delivery you will receive a second email with tracking details and an estimated time of arrival that day. 


All items sold in store are supplied with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. This varies dependent upon brand –A member of our team can supply product specific warranty details upon request. We request all items removed from the store are checked immediately to ensure  completeness  and condition. We will  normally  make  an  immediate  exchange  for  any  incomplete  or  faulty  items  if  informed immediately  (within  2  days  of receipt of  items).  This will  not  apply  if  the  item  shows  any  signs  of  use  and  the  item  must  be returned complete as supplied and in its original packaging. Items that have been initially checked and accepted by the customer and are in use  will  fall  under  the  terms  of  the  appropriate warranty.  It  is  our  policy  that  under warranty  items  must  be  returned  to  the store  for inspection. Upon inspection we will consult the advice of the manufacturer as to the cause of any fault. This may mean the item needs to  be  sent  to  the  manufacturer  for  their  inspection  too.  If  the  fault  is deemed  to  be  a  genuine  fault  the  item  will be  repaired or replaced  as  the  manufacturer  sees  fit.  It  is  not  our  policy  to  offer  a  refund  or credit  note –we will  look  to  repair  your  item first then replace  if  this  is  not  possible.  Whilst  your  item  is  being  inspected  or  repaired  we  may be  able  to  loan  a  suitable  replacement. We cannot however  guarantee  the  availability  of  a  loan  item  and  therefore  encourage  customers  to make  alternative  temporary arrangements. Loaned items will be in good working order and of a state fit for purpose. If upon the return of a loaned item it is found to be in need of repair or excessive cleaning we will charge £25.00 to cover for the cost of cleaning and repair. A customers repaired item will not be given to them until this charge has been paid in full.

Price Match

In order for us to consider a price match we will require a written quotation, alternatively we will need to confirm the price match on a competitors website. Please note that we will price match like-for-like. This means that we will also service match. When you choose to make a purchase online you will receive no advice or demonstration of your car seat - as a result we will not fit a price matched car seat. In addition to this please be aware that it is our policy to limit loan items for customers requiring aftercare to those customers that have not received a price match. An online retailer will not offer this service and as a result we will not when we price match. As an independent store the day to day cost of trading is huge and we are unable to offer low internet prices and maintain our high level of service. As a store that offers demonstrations and professional instore advice we feel that the in the rare instance of our prices not being the cheapest the additional services we offer far outweigh any saving that can be made.

Buggy Boards

Please note that the use of a buggy board on a chassis, unless specifically sold for the item will invalidate the warranty on your chassis. We will not assist with issues that arise from the use of such an item.

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